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Fruity Griptape (9×33) Anaglyph Rat with 3D Glasses


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Fruity Griptape (9×33) Anaglyph Rat with 3D Glasses

Elevate your skating game with our Fruity Griptape featuring the Anaglyph Rat design donning 3D Glasses. This vibrant grip tape not only adds style to your board but also enhances performance with its superior grip and durability. Stand out at the skate park with this eye-catching design that combines artistry and functionality in one package.

  • Dimensions: 9×33 inches
  • Anaglyph Rat design with 3D Glasses
  • Superior grip and durability
  • Perfect for skateboard enthusiasts

Fruity Grip

Fruity Grip is a brand dedicated to providing high-quality grip tape products that seamlessly blend style and functionality. Our grip tapes are designed to not only enhance the performance of your board but also reflect your unique personality. Stand out from the rest with Fruity Grip, where art meets utility.